The Least read articles on GetElectricVehicle.Com – Update 1

The least read blog posts

We are back again with a set of least read blog posts on our blog Why do we present the list of least read blog posts?

Have you already gone through the previous post “The least read articles in”?

There we listed out 15 blog posts which got comparatively less traffic. We analyzed the reasons and tried to correct the mistakes that we did, and now most of the posts improved their position in the readership battle 🙂

The Updates

What have we changed in our blog after publishing “The least read articles in”?

#1 Updated the categories on the blog

First of all, we have updated the category of our blogs. Following are the list of new categories

A few relevant tags were added to each blog post.

#2 Updated the title of some posts

Titles of a few blogs were updated according to the relevance

#3 Updated the content of the articles

The blog posts were updated with the latest facts and figures to make them more informative.

#4 Shared the blog posts on social media

We gained more social media followers as a course of time and the posts were shared with the new followers.

#5 Linked from other blog posts

Added more internal links to the posts from other blog posts.

The posts ranked well in the search engine ranking after some time and get more organic traffic.

As a result, some blog posts improved their position in the readership and they are out of the list now!

List of the Least Read Blog Posts

Here is the list of least read articles on excluding news roundup posts.

News round-up posts is the collection of important happenings in the field of the electric vehicle every month.

We considered the posts that published until one month ago for the ranking.

  1. Electric car icons and electric car logo – download
  2. Charging stations outnumbered gas stations in Britain
  3. The best car interior accessories: Why would you wait to get one?
  4. Does it really make sense to compare charging stations and gas stations?
  5. Electric buses decrement oil demand considerably
  6. Electric vehicle warning sounds: Electric cars are not ultra-silent!
  7. Electric vehicle organizations: The list of electric vehicle organizations
  8. Does increased EVs demand smart charging rather than fast charging?
  9. Battery swapping for electric vehicles: where to apply the technique?
  10. Electric vehicle revolution: How does automotive industry change?
  11.  Kia and amazon make EV home charging easier now!
  12.  Definition of electric vehicle is super easy if you read this
  13. One pedal driving: Why do you need a redundant brake pedal?
  14.  Electric car range: How this manufacturer improved EV ranges without changing the battery?
  15. Why weren’t electric cars implemented earlier, even though motor was invented long ago?


Here we present the updated list of least read articles on Even though they are not being read more, some of them are informative articles, we believe.

You may comment below the posts how do you feel.

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