ATHER 450X Gen 3 Review: After 15000km Travel

Ather 450x 15000

It took around one year for me to complete 10000 kms of ride on the electric scooter. I bought ATHER 450X Gen3 and started the daily commute, especially to the office a few months ago. As I discussed in the 4000km review post, the to and fro travel is around 56 km per day on working days.  

The post is a bit delayed since we drove the vehicle more distance by this time.

The major incidents after we wrote the 10000km review are the following

  • Updated the insurance policy

The experience with the scooter is impressive so far. The negatives are far less than the positives about the vehicle.

ATHER 450X Gen3 Review – Blog Series

This is the first part of ATHER 450X Gen3 Review blog series.

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  2. ATHEHR 450X Gen 3 Review: After 10000 km Travel
  3. More..

Let’s discuss what I like and what I’m not happy about the vehicle one by one.

What I like about the vehicle

The main features that I like about the vehicle are the following

#1 Performance

The vehicle performs as if it is a new vehicle even after we completed 15000 km of ride. The stability of the vehicle is good. The suspension is also nice and makes it comfortable to drive.

This time I drove the vehicle for more than 90 km on a full charge. Around 5% charge remained even after I drove the vehicle in Sports mode for 90km.

#2 Driving Experience

The driving experience is superior to the same type of IC engine scooter as far as my case is concerned. The scooter could achieve a good speed in a short time (quick acceleration) in the sport mode.

I drove the vehicle in sport mode most of the time to get a better performance. The scooter could provide more range than the estimated range that it shows on the dashboard.

#3 Battery Life

So far, I could not see much degradation in the performance of the battery. Since the company provides 5 years of extended battery warranty and it covers the performance degradation as well, I’m happy about it.

I used to charge the vehicle every day after returning from the office.

What I’m not happy about the vehicle

The vehicle still has some issues that we would be annoyed by. The following are the main issues.

#1 The vehicle fails to restart charging after a power failure

This was one of the frequent problems that I faced whenever the power supply failed. Now the frequency of the occurrence reduced drastically. But it happened twice or thrice between 10k and 15k km.

I informed the service center about the issue and they told me that it is a known issue and might be resolved with the upcoming software updates.

#2 Software bugs

The display of the scooter freezes sometimes when we drive the vehicle. It occurred rarely but still counts as a problem.

#3 Noise from the vehicle

The scooter makes noise when accelerates. It got reduced after periodic service but happens again after several km of ride.


We have seen the pros and cons of Ather 450X electric scooter after completing 15000 km of ride. The overall experience was really good and the Ather 450X Electric scooter is the one that I prefer to drive regularly.

I would update the experience after completing 20000 km of ride.

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