“Electric Vehicle Basics – Academics to Business” Online Course

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Electric Vehicles expect to capture the automotive market in the near future. Most of the vehicle manufacturers already started manufacturing electric vehicles.

The researches in the field of batteries help to decrease the cost of the batteries year by year. The Electric Vehicles Market is projected to reach 26,951,318 units by 2030 from an estimated 3,269,671 units in 2019.

China, the USA, Norway, Japan, UK are the countries at the top in electric car usage. Indian EV market focus on two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Some cars have been introduced to the automotive market and they get acceptance.

We, the team GetElectricVehicle educates people about electric vehicles since 2007. “Electric Vehicle Basics -Academics to Business” is created to teach about the electric vehicles for students, business persons, and more.

❓Why this course?

The skill in the Electic Vehicle domain is essential in the future to work in the automotive industry This course would be helpful to know more about electric vehicle technology. EV battery, motor, charging, BMS, economics, traction force calculations, etc. are covered in this course.

❓Why would you take this course?

We can breakdown the answer to 4 parts. You may check out how would it fit you.

✅ If you are a student, it would help you to know about electric vehicles and do awsome research projects. The knowledge of the electric vehicle basics would be helpful to mold your career if you are at the beginning.

✅ If you are a business person, it will help you out to think about how to proceed with a profitable business in the field of electric vehicles.

✅ If you just want to know about EVs, then also you may get more information from this course.

❓What you’ll learn

✅ Basics of Electric Vehicles (Basics, Types, History, Future, and Economics)

✅ Classifications of Electric Vehicles (Classifications and Configurations)

✅ Electric Vehicle Battery Technology and Battery Management Systems

✅ Electric Vehicle Charging (Basics, Regenerative Braking, Solar Charging, Charging Stations, V2V, V2H, etc.)

✅ Electric Vehicle Motors

✅ Electric Vehicle Traction Force

✅ Electric Vehicle Research Projects (Charging, Inverter, VCU, DCDC Converter, BMS, etc.)

✅ Electric Vehicle Business (EV Related Business Ideas)

Electric Vehicle Basics – Academics to Business -Introduction Video

❓ Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

✅ Interest in the automotive industry, vehicles, and renewable energy technologies

✅ Basics knowledge of Physics (Velocity, Force, etc.)

❓ Who this course is for:

✅ Engineering Students (PhD, MTech, and BTech)

✅ Businesspersons

✅ People who are interested to know about electric vehicles

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