Electric Vehicle Research Projects – eBook

Electric Vehicle Research Projects – Objectives to Conclusion – for PhD, MTech, MS, and BTech Electrical Engineering students is a comprehensive guide to do research in the field of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle research projects

What would you get from the book “Electric Vehicle Research Projects”?

Electric Vehicle Research Projects” is an eBook that explains electrical research projects focused on electric vehicles. This is a perfect handbook for PhD, MTech, MS, BTech graduates who are willing to do research on electric vehicles. This is not a book that lists a few project ideas. This is a book that focus on electrical engineering research projects. We have a few posts about electrical project ideas and list of electric project ideas in getelectricvehicle.com. But those are the lists and short explanations.

Who can use the book?

The book would be useful for those who wishes to do research project on Electric Vehicles. Main focus is of the book is PhD, MTech, BTech, MS graduates who search for electrical vehicle related research projects.

How the book organized?

First edition of “Electric vehicle research projects” eBook has 6 chapters and each chapter is organized as below

1. Each chapter starts with a short description of project

2. List the possible objectives of the project – (objectives are not limited the list)

3. Detailed procedure to fulfill the objectives.

4. Conclusion (general conclusion)

5. References

Each objectives in one chapter can be a single research project!! So you will get handful of research project ideas and procedure to do the project.

Where do you get the book?

You can download the kindle eBook “Electric Vehicle Research Projects” from Amazon