Altigreen: Shaping the Future of India’s Automotive Industry with Electric Three Wheeler Vehicles


Altigreen Electric is revolutionizing transportation with its innovative range of electric three wheeler vehicles. Cargo vehicles are neEV, neEV Bhai, neEV TEZ and passenger vehicles is neEV Rahi. They are not just a mode of transportation of man and materials but represent a commitment to a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable future for transportation.

The neEV, electric 3 wheelervehicle stands out as a leader in transforming cargo transport. Designed for efficiency and versatility, it offers businesses a sustainable alternative for last-mile deliveries. Its compact size and electric propulsion make it ideal for navigating through congested urban environments, reducing emissions and operational costs.

The neEV TEZ offers, 3-in-1 Flexi Charging system, which includes options for charging from 15 minutes to 3 hours, thereby addressing concerns about range and charging hassles. This dynamic solution for cargo delivery combines adaptability with rapid charging capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.

For businesses with diverse cargo needs, the neEV Bhai is a game-changer for its lower capital cost of acquisition. These commercial electric vehicles customizable flatbed variants cater to various cargo requirements, setting a new standard for cargo flexibility and adaptability.

electric three wheeler vehicle

In passenger transport, Altigreen’s neEV Rahi leads the way. As India’s leading 5-seater electric three wheeler, it meets the growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives in urban commuting. With zero tailpipe emissions and a focus on passenger comfort, the neEV Rahi redefines the landscape of sustainable urban mobility.

Altigreen’s electric three wheeler vehicles not only reduce emissions but also contribute to operational efficiency and cost savings for businesses and their B2C customers. The lowest fuel and maintenance costs, along with government incentives, make Altigreen’s fleet a compelling economic proposition. The neEV TEZ, with its 3-in-1 Flexi Charging, further enhances operational efficiency through multiple shifts & maximizes earnings.

In conclusion, Altigreen’s  commercial electric vehicles demonstrate adaptability to various cargo and passenger transport needs. Whether navigating crowded urban streets or transporting specialized cargo, Altigreen’s fleet meets the evolving demands of the transportation industry with versatility and efficiency.

Towards a Sustainable Environment

Altigreen, an electric vehicle company in India, is driven by the purpose of decarbonising road transportation. By operating its fleet of electric vehicles, Altigreen has mitigated 4,691 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to sustaining around 213,235 tree-years of CO2 absorption.

With Altigreen’s electric three wheelers, customers not only make a smart choice for safety but also contribute to a safer and greener environment. Altigreen is leading the way towards sustainable mobility in India, offering practical and efficient solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

Senior Leadership’s Role in Defining Altigreen’s Vision

Dr. Amitabh Saran, the passionate founder of Altigreen Propulsion Labs, spearheads the development of high-efficiency electric mobility solutions for Last Mile Transportation in India and emerging economies. His commitment to clean energy drives Altigreen’s mission to design, develop, test, and manufacture proprietary EV drivetrains and three-wheelers. With a focus on Made-in-India & Made-for-India.

Dr. Amitabh, with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara, is a driving force behind Altigreen’s technological advancements. With over 28 years of experience spanning prestigious institutions like TCS, Philips, NASA, and Hewlett-Packard, as well as startups like TriVium and BuzzInTown, he brings a wealth of expertise in software engineering and distributed computing. Amitah’s innovative mindset and prolific patent portfolio underscore Altigreen’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to consumers, leveraging contemporary and futuristic advanced technologies.

Altigreen is paving the way for the future of transportation with its diverse range of electric three wheeler vehicles. From cargo transport to passenger commuting, Altigreen’s vehicles offer sustainability, efficiency, and adaptability, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future for transportation in India.

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