ATHER 450X Gen 3 Review: After 10000 km Travel

I wrote a review about the ATEHR 450X Gen 3 scooter when it completed more than 4000 km a few months ago.

Then I drove the vehicle for a few more months and now it crossed 10000 km and the second regular service was also completed.

Here are the major incidents after I wrote the first review

  • I took the vehicle for first service and corrected the front lamp
  • Met with an accident and replaced the damaged parts
  • Rear tire got punctured

Here is my experience with the ATHER 450X Gen 3 electric scooter after completing 10000 km of ride

First of all, I would like to tell you that the vehicle performs really well and I’m happy about this.

Last time, I faced an issue with the head lamp. The head lamp was focused on wrong direction earlier and it was corrected from the service center.

Now it is cool to use.

ATHER 450X Gen3 Review – Blog Series

This is the first part of ATHER 450X Gen3 Review blog series.

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  2. ATHEHR 450X Gen 3 Review: After 10000 km Travel
  3. More..

What I like about the vehicle

After the first service, I met with a vehicle accident, and it resulted in some scratches on the vehicle. Along with the regular maintenance I applied for insurance claim to replace the damaged parts.

Even though the service center informed me that it would take around one month get the vehicle back after the service, I got in 15 days.

Here are the points that I liked, and I disliked about the vehicle.

What I like in ATHER 450X Gen 3 After 10000 km ride

#1 Vehicle Performance

I could not see any negatives regarding the performance of the vehicle after 10000 km of ride. It accelerates smoothly and the vehicle is stable at higher speeds as well.

I felt an issue with the balance of the vehicle just before sending it for the service. During the service they corrected the front wheel unbalance issue.

Another positive that I felt about the vehicle is that it could provide you more than the projected range that it displays on the screen. For example, in Sports Mode it shows 76km as projected range. But you can easily go above 90 km most of the time.

#2 Driving Experience

As I explained before, the vehicle is fun to ride. This is because of its quicker acceleration, vibration free operation, and stability while cornering. The design of the seat and its premium quality shock absorbers helps to avoid back pain even though you drive for longer distances regularly.

I used to drive IC engine scooter and it causes arm and back pain occasionally. But Ather 450X avoids the same.

#3 Battery life

The battery has a warranty of 5 years, and it covers the degradation as well. So, I’m not worried about the battery. As far as the life of the battery is concerned, it does not show any decrease in the range evern after I completed 10000 km of ride.

Let’s closely watch it for the expected lifetime and see what will happen.

Most of the people are cautious about the battery life when thinking about shifting to electric vehicle. I did not face any issues with the battery so far and I’m happy about it.

What I don’t like about the Vehicle

Ather 450X Gen3 is really nice vehicle. But I face some minor issues with the vehicle, and it annoys me sometime. Let’s check out them one by one.

#1 Bugs in the software

The touch pad of the vehicle sometimes restarts after software updates. But it occasionally Fais to get up while going for a restart process.

It works correctly if we start it manyally. Now a days I do not see this issue in the vehicle. I think it got resolved.

#2 The vehicle stops charging after power failure.

I used to do overnight charging of the vehicle. After coming back from the office, I put the vehicle for charring.

When the power failure occurs, and it restored the vehicle does not start charging again. It freezes at the “Initializing” state.

So, I have to go to the vehicle, switch it off and on again to start charging.

#3 Ather Connect is not Free now

The navigation, phone connectivity, charge tracking etc., is not free now. As a customer I’m not happy about this, accepting the fact that it is their revenue source.

#4 Central stand

As we discussed in the previous article, the central stand could have been a better addition to the vehicle. It could help you while clearing and parking the vehicle.

The rear wheel of the scooter got punctured and I wanted to replace it. The mechanic had to put strenuous effort to replace the wheel even though he was an experienced person.


We have seen the pros and cons of Ather 450X electric scooter after completing 10000 km of ride. The overall experience was really good and Ather 450X Electric scooter is the one that I prefer to drive regularly.

I would update the experiece after completing 15000 km of ride.

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