The least read articles in

The least read blog posts

We are quite interested to share with you the least read articles in!

Everyone like to share the most read articles. But here we are different 🙂

The least read articles

We would like to show some valuable yet not so popular posts to you. tries to provide you information about

  • Basics of electric vehicle
  • Electric vehicle projects
  • Electric vehicle news
  • Deals and Reviews
  • Electric vehicle Articles
  • Electric vehicle charging

We are glad readers accept most of our blog posts.

Obviously not all posts are great! They were rejected by the readers.

Why those articles are least read?

The reason why those articles are not that popular are listed below

  • They were the least valuable and less interesting
  • They weren’t linked from other articles in the blog
  • They haven’t reached the readers through any platform such as social media and Email
  • Bad search engine optimization
  • They weren’t listed in the front page of search engine search results
  • Less attractive title
  • Etc.

Why would we share those articles with you?

Why we share those articles with you again? Even though they weren’t reached many, a few of them are informative.

We published those articles when our readership were low. But a few of them are highly informative (some of them are least valuable as well).

If we provide links to those least read articles in this post, that might be useful for you to find them easily.

The articles are listed here to

  • Share some informative articles to you
  • Reach out more readers

How have we selected the blog posts?

The total number of average views are the criteria to select the least read blog posts in

The posts that published until one month ago are considered here.

15 blog posts are selected.

The list would be updated in every 6 months!

The list of least read articles in

The below are uncategorized list of the articles

  1. Electric Buses decrement Oil Demand considerably! 
  2. Electric Vehicle Market in India: Why does Indian EV market drag? 
  3. Electric Cars in India 2019: All Set to Go Electric 
  4. Why weren’t Electric Cars implemented earlier, even though motor was invented a century ago? 
  5. Electric vehicle efficiency: What you should know! 
  6. Autonomous electric car technology: Why should self-driving car be all electric? 
  7. Electric car in India: Which is the most popular EV? Answer will surprise you 
  8. Electric Power Train and Hybrid power train 
  9. Electric car 101: Everything to know about EV 
  10. Top 7 Electric Car Manufacturers You must note 
  11. Kia and Amazon make EV home charging easier now! 
  12. Electric vehicle range extender: EV that travels more distance! 
  13. Definition of Electric Vehicle is super easy if You read this 
  14. Tesla Model Y electric car has been launched! 
  15. Electric Car Battery Modelling and Life Analysis with Super Capacitor 


We have shared the least read articles in with you. Some of them are informative. A few of them are the least valuable.

Do you find any of them informative? Are they valuable?

Highly appreciate your comments!

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