Electric car conversion companies – Convert your gasoline car to all Electric

Do you like your gasoline vehicle and still want to run it in electricity? Electric car conversion companies would help you out here.

Gasoline vehicles are available in a large variety of models and variants. Even though it was invented earlier, electric vehicles are not that popular.

Customers are obsessed with some models and they might want to convert the vehicle to electric vehicle.

Why electric vehicles?

The electric vehicle is an environmentally friendly vehicle with zero/fewer tailpipe emissions. The performance of the electric vehicle is comparable with IC engine vehicles. Sometimes better than them.

Torque-speed characteristics, better efficiency, tax benefits, etc. make them superior to gasoline vehicles. Other advantages of electric vehicles attract customers to them.

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Electric Car Conversion Companies
The best Electric Car Conversion Companies

Do you want to get a brand new electric vehicle? Go through the list of electric vehicle manufactures

How to convert a gasoline vehicle to all-electric vehicles?

The procedure to convert gasoline vehicle to electric vehicle is simple

  1. Remove the gasoline engine-related components
  2. Connect electric power train

You can do it in two methods

  1. Do it Yourself! – Interesting and difficult for first-timers
  2. Take help of electric vehicle conversion companies

How to convert gasoline car to the all-electric vehicle yourself is explained in the post – Electric car DIY: convert gasoline car to all electric

Electric car conversion companies

A lot of companies convert gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles.

Electro Automotive

Electro Automotive was established in 1979 in Felton, California and specialized in EV conversions.

Wilderness EV

According to its website, Wilderness EV is the

Home of the True EV Car Kits, and completed electric cars! We specialize in electric car conversions, converting inefficient, polluting gasoline cars to clean, efficient electric vehicles that can be charged with renewable fuels in a hybrid fashion or off-the-grid via solar charging stations at home. Your Vehicle then becomes a truly clean renewable mode of transportation, and 
YOU then become PART OF THE SOLUTION instead of part of the problem!

REVOLT Electric Vehicles

Revolt Electric vehicles has been started to provide custom builds of electric vehicles.

Green Motors Inc

The Northern Arizona based company provides services such as

  • Plug-in Hybrid Conversions For Your Hybrid
  • Electric Conversion Parts 
  • Electric Car Conversions
  • Electric Car Sales
  • Electric Car Service
  • Electric Vehicle Educational Materials
  • Electric Bicycles and Bike Conversions

Green Motors strives to deliver and service cost-effective electric transportation that does not pollute the Earth.

Some more companies…

Electric Car conversion companies


A list of electric car conversion companies is presented in the post. You can either do the conversion yourself or you can contact the companies for help.

Since electric cars are the future of transportation try using an electric vehicle and go green! Ask all the questions (range, how to charge, acceleration, life expectancy, battery maintenance, etc.) that you have before choosing a conversion company.

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Key points

  • Electric cars can be bought or you can convert gasoline vehicle to electric vehicle
  • Electric car conversion companies help to convert gasoline vehicle to electric are listed
  • Choose the companies wisely clarifying all the doubts that you have

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