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electric vehicle news

There are countless websites on the world wide web about a variety of topics. If we search for information, it’s on the fingertip. News websites, blogs, online courses, etc. provide information to all. Electric vehicle news is a trending topic now in the automotive industry.

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Have you gone through the below articles?

Here is a blog series about electric vehicle

Electric vehicle related blogs are listed here for you. You would get a lot of information, news, technical articles about the electric vehicle from these websites. It would be a reference for electric vehicle news websites, blogs, and other related sites.

List of Electric Vehicle News Websites and Blogs

A comprehensive list of Electric vehicle websites based on the below factors is listed.

  • Google and Bing search appearance for various electric vehicle-related keywords
  • From Facebook pages and groups
  • From readers’ comments

We hadn’t followed any methods to organize the list. (alphabetical order, traffic, etc.)

The first version of the post includes more than 55 websites. Please comment electric vehicle-related websites to add to the list.

  1. GetElectricVehicle.com
  2. Green Car Reports
  3. Edmunds
  4. World Electric Vehicle Association
  5. Clean Technica
  6. Inside EVs
  7. GoElectricDrive
  8. EVUnion
  9. EV Association DC
  10. Electric Vehicle Council
  11. Plugintothepresent
  12. OctopusEV
  13. Oregon Electric Vehicle Association
  14. Pacific Power
  15. EVA Scotland
  16. The International Council on Clean Transportation
  17. PluginIndia
  18. Electricvehicleprice.com
  19. Drive Electric Vermont
  20. ECO Standard
  21. CenHub
  22. Quebec
  23. ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association)
  24. GMEV
  25. Pluginbc
  26. BBC – topics
  27. EV News Daily
  28. The Driven
  29. Motor Authority
  30. PHEV Research Center
  31. The Australian Electric Vehicle Association
  32. Alke.com
  33. Smud
  34. Plugindrive.ca
  35. Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association
  36. Drive Clean Ca.Gov
  37. Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association
  38. ElectricVehicles.Govt.nz
  39. International Energy Agency
  40. EWEB
  41. International Renewable Energy Agency
  42. CAA National
  43. AVERE
  44. Energy Saving Trust
  46. Eco Watch
  47. ElectricDrive805
  48. Edmonton
  49. Zap Map
  50. Pge.com
  51. Economics Times
  52. Current Automotive
  53. EV Database
  54. BoulderEV
  55. DLC
  56. EPA – United States Environmental Protection Agency

Here we have listed electric vehicle websites and blogs.

Are they useful?

Another valuable guide to learn about the electric vehicle is the free course by NPTEL

Electric Vehicle Books from GetElectricVehicle.com

Electric vehicle news


I collected a list of electric vehicle-related websites and blogs that would help you to know the latest trends in the EV market. Please comment below the websites that you would like to add to the list. (do follow link) 🙂

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Key points

  • List of Electric Vehicle News sites and Blogs are presented
  • Links to a few free online courses about the electric vehicle is also introduced

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