Electric Vehicle News Round up – July 2019

electric vehicle news round-up

The top news about electric vehicles in the month of July 2019 is collected and presented here. The electric vehicle news round up -July 2019 summarizes a few important news.

Electric vehicles have a lot of advantages regarding environmental effects and performance.

They do have disadvantages as well.

It’s interesting to know the developments in electric vehicle market happens every day.

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Electric Vehicle News Round up – July 2019

Here in this post, we present a few important news about electric vehicles that you must note!

GST on Electric Vehicles slashed from 12 to 5 percent in India

To boost the electric vehicle market, the Government of India reduced the tax on electric vehicles from 12 to 5%. The faster adoption of electric vehicles will be pushed further by the tax reduction which will be applicable from August 1st 2019 onwards.

To beat the pollution results from internal combustion engine vehicle, India moves towards the electric vehicles.

Earlier in 2017, the plan was to make all the passenger cars on Indian road all-electric and then it was diluted to 30%. [Reference]

Key points are

  • The GST Council has approved the government’s budget proposal to slash the duty on EVs.
  • Electric vehicle chargers now attract 5 percent GST instead of 18 percent before. 
  • New GST rates will be applicable from August 1 onwards.
  • EVs like the long-range Kona Electric could see a price cut of up to Rs 1.5 lakh

The GOI had proposed the rate in the union budget and GST council had approved it. [Reference]

It’s expected to have more steps to push the faster adoption of electric vehicles in India.

Hyundai Kona Electric Vehicle explodes inside a garage in Canada

Kona is a Battery Electric Vehicle from Hyundai. The vehicle caught fire and exploded inside the garage of a bungalow in Ile Bizard, Montreal (Canada).

The incident was reported on July 26 and the EV was plugged in when the explosion took place.

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The incident is being investigated by the Montreal fire department. While no one was injured, the force of the blast was such that the door of the garage was ripped off and landed across the street. [Reference]

Elon musk hints Tesla electric vehicles might run on Indian roads in 2020

Tesla Motors is the world’s one of the largest electric vehicles manufactures. Model S, Model X, Model 3, etc. are some of Tesla’s electric car models. And Tesla launched the Model Y electric car!

Tesla vehicles provide relatively more range than any other electric vehicles in the market.

When it was asked about the plan to bring Tesla to India, Elon musk answered: “it is probably going to happen in a year’s time”. [Reference]

Earlier, Elon had tweeted that he would love to be in India on 2019 or 2020.

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