Why you shouldn’t buy an Electric Car!

Electric vehicles are the best vehicles that have less impact on the environment. But, should you buy an electric vehicle? Disadvantages of an electric car really matter to not buy an electric car?

Everyone talks about the advantages of electric cars and why you should buy and drive an electric car.

Today, I’m trying to convince you to not buy an electric car!!

disadvantages of electric car

Why does everybody talk about electric vehicle?

Fossil fuel-based vehicles are widely used all over the world. Technology to extract energy from fossil fuel is matured and internal combustion engines are the main component in a vehicle to convert chemical energy to thermal and then mechanical energy.

Even though electric vehicles are developed first long ago, the availability of plenty of fossil fuel resulted in the development of IC engine vehicles in large number. The energy density of fossil fuels are more than that of an electric battery.

Why does everybody speak about electric vehicles?

Fossil fuels deplete day by day and if we keep EXPLOITING fossil fuel in the rate that we are doing now, they get depleted completely in the near future.

Electric vehicles have many advantages. Battery electric vehicles are zero-emission vehicles. Running cost of electric cars is lesser than that of internal combustion engine vehicles. They are ultra-silent vehicles (Are they really?). Noise pollution can be considerably reduced using electric vehicles.

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Disadvantages of the electric car – valid reasons to not buy an EV

Why do I tell you to not buy an electric car? Aren’t they as good as we expected? Given below are some disadvantages of electric cars that may retreat you from electric vehicles.

#1 Electric cars are not green

Electric cars are said a green vehicle with zero-emission. Yes.. As far as battery electric vehicle is considered as a single stand-alone entity, it is a zero-emission vehicle. A battery-electric vehicle does not have a tailpipe.

But are they really green vehicle?

Electricity generated from thermal power plants is used for charging electric cars. (Solar charging is also used, rarely).

Generation of electricity from fossil fuels results in the emission of environmental polluting gases. Conventional vehicles burn fuels inside the vehicle itself, where electric vehicle uses the electricity that generated burning fuels in power plants.

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#2 Initial cost of EV is high

The initial cost of an electric car is higher than that of a conventional vehicle. A Battery of electric vehicle costs more in an electric vehicle. The energy storage system in conventional vehicles are cheaper than that of EV.

Why should you go for an electric vehicle even though you get a conventional vehicle with more facilities for a lesser cost than an electric vehicle?

#3 Battery replacement cost of EV is high

Life of battery is one of the major disadvantages of an electric car. Whatever the battery available today, it has to be replaced after 5 to 7 years of use.

Do you know how much does it cost to replace an electric vehicle battery? Economics of electric vehicles is explained here.

If you are going to use an electric vehicle for a short span, it is not a viable option!

#4 Range anxiety while driving an EV

What is range anxiety?

“worry on the part of a person driving an electric car that the battery will run out of power before the destination or a suitable charging point is reached.”

Do you like reading the complete list of electric vehicle-related terms? Read Electric vehicle glossary.

The range of distance that travels by an electric car is less than that can be traveled by a conventional vehicle.

Range anxiety is a natural phenomenon that occurs to an EV driver. Why should you buy an electric car and have range anxiety, since you have enough gas stations to charge a conventional vehicle.

#5 Travels less distance with one charge

One of the disadvantages of an electric car is the shorter distance that they can travel with a fully charged battery.

An affordable electric car can not travel a longer distance. Charging stations are required to get them charged. But that too takes time.

#6 Lack of charging stations

Charging stations are necessary to power the battery of the electric vehicle to make the vehicle travel. Home charging is a good solution if the car travels less than 100 kilometers per day.

Overnight charging at home charging station can make the vehicle to travel more distance.

But public charging stations are necessary to charge the vehicle when we travel a long distance. Charging stations are not as common as gas stations.

#7 Resale value of EV is less

The resale value of an electric vehicle is not that high. What is the reason? They are not that popular and as established as conventional vehicles.

So think twice before buying an electric car for short term use.

#8 Alternative fuel vehicles are available

Another valid point for not buying an electric car – alternative fuel vehicles are available in the market. Electric vehicles are not the only alternative for conventional vehicles.

Other types of alternative fuels are used in vehicles to enhance performance. Commonly used alternative fuels are explained in this post.

Why should you buy an electric vehicle if alternative fuel vehicles are available?

#9 Only less number of models are available

Thousands of conventional vehicle models are available in the automotive market. Every year, new models are manufactured by vehicle manufactures.

What is the case of electric cars? Only a few models are available. You can not choose a model that meets all your needs. It’s another drawback of electric car!


We have seen the disadvantages of the electric car.

So.. What do you think?

Is an EV suitable for you?

Did you get enough reasons to not buy an electric vehicle? 🙂

Do you still like to buy an electric vehicle? Please tell me the reasons.

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Key points

  • Electric cars are expensive
  • Who knows how the driving experience of EV is
  • Battery replacement is an additional cost
  • It can’t travel long with one full charge

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  2. Technological evolutions create more options, sometimes the old is re-engineered and serve the society at large-mankind will continue to explore alternatives finally exploit more resources for the common man .
    Are we seeing the alternate developments where internet and software continue to reduce unnecessary logistics and thanks to CAD and Artificial Intelligence like things ,gradually transportation will lose its importance . The writing on the wall is individualized transports or public transports . The amazing growth in Two Wheelers in India and China point to the future where we need more changes and not in individual passenger cars which continue to have a single occupant occupying more of reod space and more of confusion on the roads !

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