October 2020: Electric Vehicle News Round-up

electric vehicle news round-up

Welcome to another electric vehicle news round-up. Today we are checking out the important EV news for October 2020.

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#1 Arrival reveals an electric bus

The UK based startup announced the all-electric bus that will be priced the same as an equivalent diesel bus.

The company says that the lower running costs will make it cheaper for operations in the long run.

Arrival manufactures other electric vehicles such as vans.

Grey Arrival Bus with Multi-coloured External Full-length Screen on Dark Background
Arrival electric bus

The company added that it will manufacture the vehicle in the so-called “microfactories”. The business model of Arrival is quite different.

They believe that the smaller factories will allow them to tailor production to specific regional needs. It could boost the local economies through tax revenue and the use of local labor pools and supply chains.

This is essentially the opposite approach to other EV startups. For example, Lucid, Faraday, and Tesla used to construct large factories.

Arrival plans to build around 100o microfactories globally by 2026. [Refernce]

#2 Over 3000 electric vehicles get registered in Delhi

Delhi is the place where gasoline vehicles are being replaced by electric vehicles at a rapid pace. Within weeks after the electric vehicle policy launch, over 3000 electric vehicles have been registered in the national capital.

The new electric vehicle policy makes the subsidies easily accessible to those who purchase an electric vehicle. It would help them out to get timely financial aid.

Delhi has been selected as one of the megacities where charging stations would be installed at every 3 km. [Reference]

Watch the video about the electric vehicle charging station business in India

#3 GMC launches Hummer EV

This is the most buzzed news this month. General Motor Truck Company has launched all electric super truck Hummer EV and opened pre-bookings.

The Hummer EV Edition 1 to deliver next year has already been completely booked. The electric super truck is launching with a lot of amazing features.

The three motor vehicle with 1000 hp accelerates from 0 to 60 miles/hour in just 3 seconds. It travels over 350miles in a single charge.

Crabwalk is a cool feature that helps out you to drive the vehicle diagonally!

The other three models of the vehicle hit the market in 2022, 23, and 24.

#4 Harley Davidson announces the electric bicycle company with the stunning first model

After two years of waiting, Harley Davidson finally announces its electric bike company. The dedicated electric bicycle company is named Serial 1 Company. It’s named after the very first motorcycle ever built by Harley Davidson in 1903 – “Serial Number One”.

The company says that they began with “a small group of passionate motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts working with a single focus to design and develop an eBicycle worth of the brand.”

Later, they decided to make it into a dedicated bicycle company that could focus purely on delivering a premium e-bike product and experience.

It says that the first vehicle hit the market in March 2021.

There is no clue about the motor rating, battery rating, and price of the eBicycle. [Reference]


We discussed the top electric vehicle news for October 2020.

  • Arrival reveals an electric bus
  • Over 3000 electric vehicles get registered in Delhi
  • GMC launches Hummer EV
  • Harley Davidson announces the electric bicycle company with the stunning first model