Electric Vehicle News Round-up – April 2020

electric vehicle news round-up

Here is the Electric Vehicle News Round-Up for the month of April 2020. What had happened in April 2020 related to electric vehicles?

The Corona crisis has been going on for the last few months. It had affected the economy of most of the countries

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Electric Vehicle News Roundup – March 2020

In this monthly blog series, we would collect and present a few interesting news about electric vehicle happened in this month.

#1 GMC Hummer Electric Pickup Truck reveal has been delayed

The most anticipated Hummer Electric Pickup truck reveal has been delayed due to the current situation with corona virus.

Earlier, General Motors Truck Company had planned to reveal the Hummer electric pickup truck on 20th May 2020. It was speculated that due to the Corona crisis the live event would either be delayed or altered to an online event.

Finally they had cancelled the event.

The social distancing measures taken did not allow GMC to conduct the originally planned event at Detroit Hamtramck Assemble, where the future production of Hummer EV planned.

The latest news from GMC is that they had planned the reveal of Hummer EV on 20th May 2020.

#2 GreenPower Motor to Offer Wirelessly Charged Electric Buses

Wireless charging is an innovation in the electric vehicle industry. The wireless charging technology specialist Momentum Dynamics collaborates with GreePower Motor to manufacture electric buses that offer wireless charging.

They had signed a three year agreement to develop wireless charging electric vehicles.

Momentum 200kW Wireless Charging system Columbia station, Wenatchee, Washington Ref: InsideEVs

The first model to develop will be the GreenPower EV Star mini-shuttle that carry 19 passengers.

Momentum Dynamics had already incorporated the 300kW wireless charging system for full sized buses.

Momentum CEO Andrew Daga says

“Wireless Charging is inherently flexible, and we are delighted to extend our wireless charging offering into smaller-size shuttle bus fleets with the great people at GreenPower Motor Company. ”

#3 Byton announce the partner’s name for home charger installation

Last year Kia and Amazon started the partnership for home charging installation.

This time when Byton arrives the US next year, the home charging solution will be provided by Qmerit.

In the first stage, Qmerit would support for coordinated installation of level 2 home charging station for Byton.

GM and BMW are also partnered with Qmerit for charging solutions.

Byton has another agreement with Electrify America to install charging stations for them.

Byton points out that by the end of 2021, when M-Bytes are arriving, that Electrify America will have 800 charging stations with about 3,500 charge points capable of at least the 150 kw that will charge it at its peak rate. [Reference]


We have presented 3 interesting news about electric vehicles here in the Electric Vehicle News Round-up April 2020.

  • GMC Hummer Electric Pickup Truck reveal has been delayed
  • GreenPower Motor to Offer Wirelessly Charged Electric Buses
  • Byton announce the partner’s name for home charger installation

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