September 2020: Electric Vehicle News Roun-Up

electric vehicle news round-up

Here are the three news related to electric vehicles that happened in the month of September 2020.

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#1 Mercedes-Benz to offer World-First solid-state batteries in the city bus

Li-ion batteries are the common battery that power an electric vehicle. The electrolyte in the battery is in liquid state.

 A solid-state battery uses an electrolyte in solid-state. Mercedes Benz going to install solid-state batteries in a production vehicle. The vehicle is not a car but an electric bus.

The company claims the solid-state battery could improve the life of the battery and energy density. It says that the solid state battery will have 25% more energy density than latest liquid electrolyte lithium-ion batteries.

The optional solid state batteries will be installed in its eCitaro and eCitaro G along with the liquid li-ion batteries.

The solid state batteries will be used in the 441 kWh battery pack in eCitaro. It would divide into 5 modules to mount on the roof of the bus.

EV News Round Up September 2020 [Video]

The expected range of the vehicle is 220 km in average conditions and 170 km in winter with heater on. [Reference]

Did you see that the heater drastically reduces the range of the vehicle?

#2 Total Plug-in Electric Vehicle sales in US Reach 1.6 million

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy says that the plug-in vehicle sales in the United States reached 1.6 million in August 2020.

The breakdown of the sales is as follows. The Battery Electric Vehicles are in the lead among plug-in vehicles accounting around 1 million. The rest is plug-in hybrid vehicles. [Reference]

Last year, BEV sales are more than 60% than plug-in hybrids.  

Tesla Model 3 is the top selling electric car in the United States. Since Tesla ramped up Model 3 production in 2018, it completely dominated the plug-in vehicle sales.

In the early years of the electric vehicle adoption (2012 -2014), the top two plug-in vehicles in the US were Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt.

Model S and Model Y captured the positions in the coming years.

The Giga Factories in Texas would help Tesla to produce more vehicles and perform well in upcoming years.

#3 Nissan Rolls out Concept Electric Emergency Response vehicle RE-Leaf

Nissan’s concept Electric Emergency Response Vehicle RE-Leaf comes with a lot of features.

Weatherproof plug sockets are mounted directly to the exterior of the car to supply 110 – 230 V devises. They would be powered from the high voltage Li-ion battery of the car.

A giant monitor is attached to the back of the car to work on. Probably to connect to the maps, websites, etc.

It says that the integrated energy management system can run medical, communications, lighting, and other life-supporting equipment.

“Electric vehicles are emerging as one of the technologies that can improve resilience in the power sector. By having thousands of EVs available on standby, either as disaster-support vehicles or plugged into the network through Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), they’re uniquely capable of creating a virtual power plant to maintain a supply of energy during a major outage,” Helen Perry, Head of Electric Passenger Cars & Infrastructure for Nissan in Europe, stated.


we have discussed three EV related news for the month of September 2020.

  • Mercedes-Benz to offer World-First solid state batteries in city bus
  • Total Plug-in Electric Vehicle sales in US Reach 1.6 million
  • Nissan Rolls out Concept Electric Emergency Response vehicle RE-Leaf

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