Electric Vehicle News Round-up – August 2019

electric vehicle news round-up

The electric vehicle is one of the trending topics in the automotive industry. The automotive industry is shifting towards electric mobility day by day. Let’s read a few important news in the electric vehicle news round-up August 2019 post.

Electric vehicles were invented long ago, but the IC engine vehicles are more popular and widely accepted.

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We collect the important developments in the electric vehicle industry and presents here for you.

Here we have some EV news for you

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Electric Vehicle News Round-up – August 2019

Here is a quick round-up of the important EV news of August 2019. The selected news are those we think relevant.  

Lithium glut might help to fall EV battery cost

It has been expected that the cost of Li-ion battery increases due to the shortfall in lithium supply. The interesting news is that the expected price hike will not happen!

The world’s largest supplier of Lithium, Australia, opened six new lithium mines. This resulted in the abundant supply of lithium ore to the production of Li-ion battery, which is the common and widely used one in EVs.

“Chile is the second-largest producer of Lithium”

The BloombertNEF report states that the price has fallen 30% from their peak and the bottom is not yet in sight.

In addition to the opening of the new 6 mines, the lithium production in Australia is expected to rise 23% over the next two years.

And Chili is planning to double the Li production in next 4 years. [reference]

Electric Car charging stations surpass fuel stations in the UK

Nissan had collected and compiled the data about the gas stations and electric car charging stations in Britain. The conclusion that they obtained is interesting.

The number of electric car charging stations surpassed the gas filling stations in Britain. Now there are 9300 EV charging locations compared to 8400 fuel stations.

But, in the US gas stations are still more than electric vehicle charging stations.

Tesla Supercharger network delivers 72GWh of electricity in a month

72GWh of electricity – it’s really huge. Tesla’s supercharging network delivers around 72GWh of electricity to the cars every month.

Tesla had revealed the statistic in a tweet.

Tesla compares the energy that they delivered in supercharging stations to

  • Hawaii for three days
  • The Republic of Ireland for a day
  • playing ‘You’re Beautiful’ on repeat from every device in your house because Karen just left you

Tesla had delivered only 10 GWh of energy in 2014, two years after launching the supercharging network. Now, they could deliver 72 GWh in just a month.

The fast-charging network that Tesla started closing the battery swapping project earlier, is the best electric vehicle fast-charging network in the world.


The three important electric vehicle news of the month August 2019 is presented here in the Electric Vehicle News Round-up – August.

  • Lithium glut might help to fall EV battery cost
  • Electric Car charging stations surpass fuel stations in the UK
  • Tesla Supercharger network delivers 72GWh of electricity in a month

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