Volkswagen’s New Charging Service “We Charge”- over 150,000 public charging points

Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure is one of the major development that has to happen along with electric mobility. Volkswagen introduces its own new charging service called “We Charge”.

Volkswagen’s own charging service is rolling out to help out the users to charge their electric car at over 150000 public charging stations all over Europe. The charging card launched by Volkswagen named “We Charge” provides easy access to the charging points.

It is planning to make electric vehicle charging as convenient as possible.

The Volkswagen subsidiary Elli is developing all the services and products.

Let’s check out the charging tariffs and other features of the “We Charge” service for electric vehicles.

We Charge – Charging Tariffs

The We Charge has three charging tariffs plans available now.

  • We Charge Free
  • We Charge Go
  • We Charge Plus

The charging tariffs are tailored to the different user groups. The “We Charge Free” tariff that does not have a monthly fees is best suit to drivers who rarely use public charging points.

The “We Charge Go” is for the regular public charging point users. It provides lower prices for individual charging.

“We Charge Plus” plan is mainly for the drivers who frequently use the public charging network.

The high power charging network IONITY can be used at an attractive price with the “We Charge Go” charging service.

IONITY is a joint venture of BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes Benz AG and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche.

we charge charging tariffs
“We Charge” charging tariffs [Reference]

We Connect ID app

The other related digital functions are provided by the app “We Connect ID”. The important functions of the app are the following

  • It helps out to locate all available We Charge Charging points
  • It provides information about the charging price
  • It let the user know the availability of charging point

In addition to those basic information,

  • The app informs the user which are all the charging stations works purely on green power
  • There is an intelligent route guidance that take into account the available charging points and chosen charging strategy

Furthermore, it provides online services such as

  • Charging statistics
  • Access management/ remote control

Watch the following video for more details

“We Charge” [Video]

Volkswagen’s e-mobility plans

World’s major automobile manufacturers had declared their e-mobility plans a while ago. The Volkswagen group also has its own business plans related to electric vehicles.

In another 10 year, Volkswagen plans to launch around 75 electric car models to make the e-mobility much attractive.  

Through IONITY, Volkswagen is involved in building up a network of high-power charging stations across Europe (charging capacity of up to 350 kW). There are currently some 250 IONITY charging parks in operation in 20 countries, with a further 50 under construction.

It is planned to build a total of 400 charging parks, thus creating the best and most powerful charging network for electric vehicles along Europe’s long-distance transport corridors.


The electric car charging service from Volkswagen helps out the users to get access to the the major public charging stations across Europe. Electric mobility is in the front foot for a few years and the key players already stated the manufacturing of EVs.

The convenience to use the charging stations would help to get more acceptance to the electric vehicles.

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Key Points

  • “We Charge” is Volkswagen’s new electric vehicle charging service
  • It provides the users access to 150,000 public charging stations
  • “We Connect ID” app provides online services related to EV charging

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