NOSMOKE Electric Car – The complete customizable EV from France!

The NOSMOKE electric car is inspired by the Moke car – the symbol of fun in the sun. As part of the electric vehicle revolution, automobile manufacturers focus on electric cars. Even Moke also introduced their electric version.

Today, let’s read something about NosMoke electric car.

NOSMOKE Electric Car
NOSMOKE Electric Car

NOSMOKE electric car is a made in France car that provides the customer to choose the body, seat, and soft top colors. With that, one can own a highly customized unique electric vehicle.

NOSMOKE in short..

The car’s key attraction is the appearance itself. A fun car that helps you out to go out with all the features of electric car!

  • The fashion accessory car!
  • Access with no doors
  • 100% electric car
  • 1 Euro for 100 km
  • Charge with simple electrical outlet
  • 2 years of warranty

The all-electric vehicle is ultra silent and pollution-free. Similar to other electri vehicles, NOSMOKE emits no Carbon dioxide and smoke.

It provides an option to select the lead-acid battery (70 km range) model and lithium-ion battery model (130 km range).

The car comes with a mini-safe located at the rear of the vehicle. And a folding rear bench offers an easy access space for all the equipment.

Nos moke ev

No additional charging equipment has to install at your home. The Nosmoke can be charged from a simple electric power socket!

Other cool features of NOSMOKE electric car

As we discussed earlier, the car that manufactured in the French factory located at Cerizay (79) claims that it costs 1 Euro for full recharge of the battery.

The simple power train of EV is manufactured with No Coolant, No Belt, No Chain, No Engine Oil, No Exhaust system, and No Liquid Fuel.

It results in low maintenance cost.

The personalization service from NOSMOKE

In their own words

“Our team can offer the following services: special colors (bodywork, winter soft-top, bimini), stickers, embroidery on seats, booths and rear fitting, spare wheel covers, color strips on bodywork and seats, special assemblies for promoting an object or brand for advertising purposes…”

The Technical Specifications of NOSMOKE electric car

The EV is powered by a 10kW asynchronous electric motor

Lead acid battery with recharging time fo 7 to 8 hours and life time of 3 to 4 years. It provides a range of 70 km.

Lithium ion battery with recharging time as follows

  • 80% in 2 hours
  • 3h 30 minutes for a full charge
  • Ultra-fast charging options that charge 80% in 30 minutes

Maximum speed of the vehicle is 70 km/h and it can climb 30% slope.

If you are interested check out the detailed specifications

Can we use NOSMOKE electric car in Winter?

The car comes with an electric heater of 1500 watts. I really don’t know how much does it drain the battery of the car!

You have to take precautions while driving an electric car during winter. We will discuss this later on!

Even though NOSMOKE doesn\t tell anything about the wnter use of the car, it would not be a wise choice to drive the car during winter.

Have fun on the vehicle in Summer!


We have discussed the cool electric car – NOSMOKE. The vehicle looks as if inspired by Moke America. The electric car would really be interesting to drive especially during summer.

Do you like the car?

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