Volkswagen ID.3 Makes a Record Trip in a Single Charge

How much additional distance you expect an electric car travels on a public road? We never expect a range greater than the official claimed range of the vehicle.

Volkswagen ID.3 had covered 531 km in a single charge. It is around 26% of the official range that they claim on WLTC.

The model has a range of 420 km. Did you notice that it had traveled more than 100 km of the range.

Range record: ID.3 makes the journey from Zwickau to Switzerland on a single charge

Volkswagen says that the car was driven from Zwickau plant to Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

Felix Egolf, was the driver who is a “hypermiler” drove the vehicle to attain the record range.

“Hypermiling” is a term originated in USA to refer driving a series production vehicle with techniques that maximize the efficiency and minimize the consumption

How did Felix Egolf achieve a remarkable range?

The driving style highly affects the range of the vehicle. As I mentioned earlier, Felix Egolf used hypermiling techniques during the drive.

He constantly lifted off the accelerator and let the ID.3 coast. On the highway sections he sometimes used the slipstream of trucks travelling in front of him.

The weight of the vehicle was not ideal for the range test. The total payload of the car was around 250 kg. It included the camera man and other technical equipment.

VW ID.3 Range Record [Video]

In addition, the auxiliary consumers such as navigation, daytime running lights, radio and ventilation were in operation. Either temporarily of permanently.

The power consumption was 10.9 kWh/100 km were as the standard rating of the car is 15.4-14.5 kWh/100 km.

The other details about the trip is that the 44% of the road was highways and 56% was country roads. He had driven the car at an average speed of 56 km/h and completed the trip in roughly 9 hours.


It is surprising that an electric car provided more than 25% of the official range that it claims, on a public road. Volkswagen ID.3 traveled 531 km from Zwickau to Schaffhausen on a single charge.

Range anxiety is a factor that affects how the people accepts electric vehicles.

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Key points

  • All-electric Volkswagen car ID.3 traveled 531 kilometers in a single charge
  • The official range of the vehicle is 420 km in WLTP
  • The car travels from Zwickau to Schaffhausen on public roads and highways

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