From Cars to Planes: Elon Musk’s plan to make Electric Aircraft

Tesla electric airplane

Electric mobility slowly expands to all modes of transportation – even to electric aircraft. The successful venture of electric cars, Tesla started its space mission and succeeded to send their car to space on a reusable spacecraft.

Now, it’s time for airplanes.

Haven’t you heard about the Solar Impulse 2?

A solar powered aircraft completed a trip around the world using only solar energy.

It has been a prototype of solar-powered aircraft that manufactured a few years ago and started its travel from Abu Dhabi airport.

solar impulse 2
Solar Impulse 2

Electric Aircraft: Elon Musk’s last year thoughts..

Elon Musk had clarified his plans to make electric airplanes in the near future. He expects all electric airplanes in another 5 year.

The Tesla Motors are famous to set tough goals and execute them effectively.

One of his tweets Elon Musk told that the main constraint of an electric airplane is the reduced energy density of the battery.

To complete with the conventional airplane or to be a commercially successful model, the batteries of the aircraft should have a minimum energy density of 400Wh/kg.

The Li-ion batteries now a days provide an energy density up to 300Wh/kg. The Tesla battery research, where they had invested a lot would come up with a solution for high energy density batteries.

The Observer reports that on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Elon Musk had revealed that the plane in his mind would be capable of vertical takeoff and landing. Along with that it would fly at supersonic speeds at high altitudes.

Electric Airplanne: Elon Musk’s new stand…

Elon Musk had declared the plan on mid of 2019 and in a latest interview he clarified that he don’t manufacture the electric aircraft in the near future.

He sees it is incredibly difficult to bring an electric aircraft to production. And he believes that only money can’t make it. Along with money, excellent engineers are also required to execute the plan.

The vertical takeoff and landing might not be possible for a supersonic flight.

Musk says once the other projects such as electric cars, and solar panels reach their desired level, he would again think of the electric aircraft project.

“All transport will be electric, except for rockets” – Elon Musk


Electric aircrafts’ R&D and production will happen from Tesla once they have reached enough sales for other projects such as electric cars and solar panels.

What would you think of the introduction of new companies to produce electric aircrafts?

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Key points

  • Electric aircraft would take some time to come into production from Tesla
  • The vertical takeoff and landing would be difficult for a supersonic electric airplane

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