Electric Vehicle Questionnaire and A Short Survey

electric car survey

Electric Vehicle questionnaire and survey questions are required to know what people think about electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are getting popular day by day since the vehicle manufacturers declared their plan to manufacture electric vehicles. Most of them had already started mass production of electric vehicles.

Do you know that the electric charging stations outnumbered gas stations in Britain?

People concern about many features of electric vehicles when they plan to buy electric cars. As a result, they would have a lot of questions about electric cars.

Do EVs capture the automotive market?

We have a post – the common questions about the electric vehicle where we discussed a few of them.

electric vehicle questionnaire and survey

Electric Vehicle Questionnaire and a short survey

Here we have a set of questions for a short survey about electric cars. The questions are organized as multiple choice.

If you would answer those questions, we would get an insight what you guys think about electric vehicles.

Respond to the questions and we are waiting to hear from you.

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Would you like me to add more questions to the survey? Comment below and let me know the questions in your mind.

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The electric vehicle questionnaire is presented in the post. The responses to the questions would help us out to write a detailed post on what people think about electric vehicles.

We wait to hear from you! Thank you!

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