Is it the Right Time to Buy an Electric Car?

right time to buy an electric car

We have been telling you the benefits and advantages of electric vehicles and the positive impact they are going to make on our economy and environment. Facts such as The Tesla stock being the ‘HOT’ one in the market right now, Elon Musk rises to the richest person in the world, Governments providing incentives for electric vehicles, etc. points in the direction that we are in the ‘Era Of Electric Vehicles.’

But when the question of buying an electric vehicle pops up, some of us are still can’t make a decision, and it’s not our fault. The transition from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles is not an easy one.

Today we are going to discuss the facts and figures which will hopefully help you to make a wise decision for the question, Is it the right time to buy an electric car?

The answer to your question will greatly depend upon,

  • Your driving pattern.
  • Maintenance and servicing of your vehicle.
  • Fueling facilities and infrastructure around you.
  • Incentives and other monetary benefits you might get.

Let us explore them one by one.

#1. Your driving pattern

Before buying a car for yourself you should thoroughly go through your driving patterns and your commutating requirements. Though we have many short-range and long-range Electric vehicles available in the market right now, the price range between a gasoline car and a long-range electric vehicle is pretty steep.

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This difference in price is caused by the expensive battery systems a long-range electric car requires. Over the years the cost of producing efficient batteries will come down and the difference will get dropped. If you choose to buy a long-range electric car despite the price differences it has now, Congratulations !! you have made a tough decision and you will certainly get rewarded in the long run.

How your driving pattern should be reflected upon your decision,

  • If you are a daily commutator of short distances an Electric car will be the best choice.
  • There is a wide range of short-range electric cars they are costs nearly as a gasoline car.
  • If you are looking for a long-range electric car you should consider paying a considerable amount of extra money.
  • Spending a few more bucks on a long-range electric car will certainly pay off in the long run as it requires a lot less maintenance. 

#2. Maintenance and servicing of your car

Generally, an electric car requires very minimal maintenance since it has few moving parts in it. An electric car does not have a complex gear mechanism or fuel injector mechanism as in an IC engine-powered car. The power development and distribution system of a gasoline car is very complex and prone to wear and tear due to friction between mating parts. It requires a lot of attention to keep a gasoline car fully functional.

That’s been said though, the maintenance of an electric car is minimal, but the occasional maintenance might cost you more money because the parts of an electric car are often custom made, and finding the right part might be a problem. The skillset required to repair an electric car is different than to repair a gasoline car.

The maintenance of your car should be your concerns because,

  • Gasoline vehicles have a complex power train that requires constant attention.
  • The parts of a gasoline car are much more prone to wear and tear due to heat and friction.
  • Service centres and service personals are easy to find to repair a gasoline car. 
  • Though the maintenance of an electric car is less, it requires special types of equipment and skilled persons to take care of your electric car when it requires maintenance.

#3. Fueling Infrastructure and facilities

The real luxury of owning an electric car is that you can use your home as a fuel station for your car. That way, you don’t have to deal with the mean guy at the gas station anymore and can avoid the delays caused by the regular visits to gas stations and the queue.

The catch comes when you have to charge your car while you are on road, we know that the fueling facilities for a gasoline car are pretty widespread all over the world and it has well-established fuel brands. Thus finding a fuel station for your gasoline car is much easier but it is not true for electric cars. Electric car companies and other power companies are working on the issue at a great pace and this problem would be resolved soon.

You have to keep it in mind that,

  • You can replenish your electric car at the convenience of your home.
  • You have to pay regular visits to the gas station to refuel your gasoline car.
  • Currently, it is easier to refuel your gasoline car when you are on the road.
  • The charging stations are picking up at a fast rate and it would be true for electric cars as well soon.

#4. Incentives and monetary benefits you get

Governments all over the world are providing bonuses and incentives in the form of tax reduction and subsidies to promote the use and adaption of electric vehicles as it is an easier way to decrease pollution and improve air quality. The companies are also provisioning substantial benefits to increase their market share on the EV market.

You should have a clear idea on,

  • The monetary benefits you get in your country for buying an electric car.
  • Do these benefits bridge the gap between the price of gasoline and an electric car?
  • How can you leverage these schemes to get the best deals?
  • What would be the long term economical impact you are going to have?


Looking at the global automobile market and the phase shift it is experiencing, it’s loud and clear that, The Future Is Electric. The long-term impact electric cars are going to have on our economy and environment is huge.

The answer to the question of buying an electric car greatly depends upon the person and his or her economical, geographical, functional aspects. If you have charging points and service centers in your neighborhood for your electric car you should not wait to get an electric car based on your requirements and affordability. The above-mentioned points are few guidelines to help you in making the right choice and I sincerely hope that it helped you in your decision-making process.

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