EVOKE 6061 Signature Series: The long-range Electric Cruiser

evoke 6061

Evoke is a Beijing based electric motorcycle manufacturer. They had already released two electric motorcycles to the market Urban Classic and Urban S. And now they are launching another electric motorcycle – Evoke 6061 Signature series.

The latest one from them is the 6061 Series. The pre-booking for the 6061 series is open now.

The company says this is the electric power cruiser you never knew existed.

Evoke 6061 Series Electric Motorcycle is opened for pre-booking

The electric motorcycle with 120kW PMSM and a top speed of 230+ km could travel from the urban environment to the countryside. It’s more or less a cruiser for long trips.

The battery of Evoke could charge in less than 15 minutes with a DC fast charger. It has Evoke’s liquid-cooled battery pack and battery management system to keep the battery safe.

Evoke 6061 – Technical Specifications

The claimed range of the vehicle is really impressive. The company says that the electric motorcycle will have a 24.8kWh battery to help it out to have a range of 470 km in city ride and 265 km on long open roads.

Evoke 6061 [Video]

As the speed of the electric vehicle increases, the energy consumption also increases. This could be the reason it shows a large variation in the range in city and highway drive. We are unsure if they had considered the acceleration as well for the range estimation.

The electric motor in the motorcycle is the VS-1200. It’s Evoke’s Permanent Magnet Electric Motor that has 160 HP power and operates at 8000 rpm.

The vehicle charges in 15 minutes using a 125 kW DC fast charger. According to the company, one-minute charging makes your vehicle to travel 25 km.

The normal 1.8kW AC onboard charger is also there in the vehicle.

If we look at the mechanical design, it says that the Evoke’s alloy frame is laser cut for maximum strength to weight ratio. They make sure the frame rigidity and safety using high-quality twin plate frame metal.

The Evoke 6061 uses an ‘Aero Space 6061 aluminum laser-cut twin plate frame’ that is of the highest quality metal to ensure that the cruiser is of maximum reliability and safety.

The brake system for the vehicle is from ‘J.Juan’. The motorcycle ensures a high-quality brake system from the company having over 50 years of braking experience.

Other features of Evoke 6061

The other features of the vehicle that could attract the customers are the 7’’ full LED headlight and Daytime Running Lights. The LED light illuminates the road ahead with 4800 lumens of intensity.

The pre-order for the 2021 limited edition Evoke 6061 series has opened. There are only 100 units available for this ‘6061 Signature Series’.

The preorder deposit is 5000USD.

With all these features, could you guess the final price for the ‘Evoke 6061’?

It’s $24,995 and shipping costs!!

In Indian Rs. It is around 19 lacks.


The long range electric cruiser motorcycle Evoke 6061 Signature series is open for prebooking. The company claims that the vehicle charges in 15 minutes and travels 470 km in cities and 265km on long open roads.

Another feature of the vehicle is that with 1 minute of charging, it could travel around 25 kms!

Long range electric motorcycles are a great addition to the electric vehicle market!

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Key points

  • Evoke 6061 is open for pre-booking
  • Only 100 vehicles are available for sale
  • It has a 24.8 kWh Li-ion battery pack
  • The vehicle fully charges in 15 minutes from a 125kW DC fast charger
  • 1 minute charge makes it travel around 25 km

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