The $5000 E-Cherry Picker from Alibaba

The cherry pickers go by many names. These names include Aerial work platforms, bucket trucks, mobile elevating work platforms, poor ideas on wheels, and so on.

But they all have two things in common: they drive around and put people to places the gods didn’t intend for them to go.

The interesting thing is for $5,000, you could have this Chinese electric cherry picker lifting you to heights of 10 metres (33 feet) using the same fuel source that powers your E-bike and your Tesla which is electricity! 

Now consider how many sleeping giants you could sneak up on with this stealth stalker of the skies.

Of Course… It’s From Alibaba

I guess these Alibaba deals require some basic training, but if SONDORS can send electric motorcycles without even a hint of an instruction manual, why couldn’t someone figure out an electric articulating arm crane on their own?

The Best Electric Lift On Alibaba

The exciting part about Alibaba’s electric cherry picker is that the 10-metre version is only the beginning. These bad boys are available in a model range that extends up to 18 metres (59 feet)! At that height, it might be worthwhile to read the instruction manual.

Surprisingly, the multiple hydraulic pumps and rams on these gigantic toys are powered by a 4,000-watt motor. Given that it’s around the same power as the motor in a modest Chinese electric pickup truck, that’s impressive for such a small motor.

But don’t be fooled by the low wattage of this Alibaba electric elevator. This gadget was built to get things done, I tell you! When the next hurricane hits and your neighbours lose power, you’ll get the last laugh when you’re up there plugging things in and shoving high-voltage lines wherever they look like they should go the next morning.

You know why telephone poles are so tall, don’t you? They don’t want us to see all the great stuff they store up there. Now that we can all have our elevated work platforms, those utility men will have to build even taller ivory towers, won’t they?

Some Of The Uses Of Cherry Pickers

Hang the coolest Halloween decorations, and clean your gutters yourself or save a kitten from a tree without attracting the attention of the fire department. Put another obnoxious kitten in a tree. Some of them have it coming to them.

Now answering some serious questions

What Is the Purpose of Cherry Picker Equipment?

A cherry picker is an aerial work platform (AWP) or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) with a bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting mechanism. Cherry pickers are now used in a variety of work situations. They are used to transport the operator to otherwise unreachable locations, such as the tops of buildings, and tall trees, or to wash windows on the sides of skyscrapers. Cherry pickers can also be employed in the following situations:

1. Picking Apples and Trimming Trees

Cherry pickers earned their name from their initial purpose, which was collecting cherries from lofty trees in orchards. When using ladders was too dangerous, modern equipment enhanced field safety. Cherry pickers are still employed for this reason, as well as to trim tree branches and limbs in otherwise immovable trees.

2. Upkeep Of The Building

Tall buildings must be cleaned and painted regularly. Ladders are not always adequate, and they pose numerous safety hazards. Operators of cherry picker equipment can operate at height for everything from window washing to building repairs, general maintenance, and other related activities. Don’t be fooled by the moniker “cherry picker” – this machine is utilised for much more than collecting fruit!

3. Telephone And Power Pole Maintenance

Cherry pickers are employed to maintain and repair thousands of kilometres of telephone and electricity poles around the world. Cherry pickers are a regular part of the daily routine for all those working in these fields since they help to ensure they can reach the region in need of service in the safest possible manner.

They are also used to,

  • Filming Events Such As Large Sporting Competitions
  • Fire Services
  • In The Emergency Services
  • To Put Up Signs
  • In Recreation
  • Cutting Trees
  • Installing windows and Fixing Chimneys