The Most Affordable Electric Car in India – Check out the features

Which is the most affordable electric car in India? Electric cars are a little costlier than the IC engine cars with almost the same features.

Strom Motors is going to sell the most affordable electric car in India. The cheapest all-electric car in India is known as Strom R3.

Did you know that the Tata Nexon EV is the most selling electric car in India?

Many manufacturers already started manufacturing electric cars in India – one of the biggest automotive market in the world.

Two-wheeler and three-wheelers are the most common vehicles in India. The most popular electric vehicle in India is the-electric rickshaws.

The Most Affordable Electric Car in India – Details

Strom Motors is a Mumbai based startup that manufactures 3 wheels all-electric cars.

The car is named Strom R3.

Strom R3 is a fully electric 2 door, 2 seater car with large sun roof.

The car is manufactured with 15kW high efficiency induction motor that provides a maximum torque of 90Nm.

Strom R3 comes with a single speed planetary gear box.

The company claims that the vehicle has a range of 200km on a full charge.

The  car best suits to the urban area where the passengers travel around 80 km in a day. The overnight charging will be the best option for Strom R3.

The car takes around 3 hours ot fully charge the battery using the normal 15A power socket.

Here is a short video about the StromR3. Please watch and subscribe to the channel.

The car has three modes of operation

  • Eco mode
  • Normal mode
  • Sport

They plan to have Automatic Vehicle Following System in future.

Strom R3 has regenerative braking sytem incorporated in it. It has three modes

  • Aggressive
  • Normal
  • Off

Other important features

Strom R3 comes with the many features. A few of the important features are listed below. You may check out the complete information on their website.

Most affordable Electric Car in India
  • Air conditioner with climate control system
  • A 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • Customisable user interface
  • Voice controls UI
  • The system also comes with FM/USB system with optional 20 GB onboard music storage
  • Maps  and navigation support
  • WiFi/3G data connectivity option

The car also offers remote keyless entry, parking assist, rear camera, power windows, and 3-point seatbelts.

The expected price of the car is around 3 lack Indian Rupees.

Strom R3 – The most affordable Electric Car in India – in Short

The important features are

  • 2 door 2 seater
  • 15kW AC induction motor
  • 90Nm torque
  • Li ion battery (>100000 km life span)
  • 200 km range
  • 3 hour charging time
  • 1 year/15000 km warranty


We have discussed about the Strom R3 electric car, the affordable electic car suitable for urban drives. The 200 km range vehicle would be the best for the people who travels less than 80 km per day.

The expected cost of the vehicle is around 3 lack Indian Rupees.

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Key points

  • Strom R3 is a 3 wheel 2 seater car
  • 200km range
  • A maximum speed of 80km
  • Costs around 3 lack INR

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