Michelin is a French tire manufacturing company based in Clermont-Ferrand. It is the largest tire manufacturer in the world before Bridgestone. It was founded on 28th May 1889 by Edouard Michelin and Andre Michelin.

They manufacture tire for space shuttles, aircraft, automobiles, heavy equipment, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Michelin Logo

According to their website,

“Michelin believes in putting innovation at the heart of its strategy. It is a major competitive asset that sets us apart from the competition and ensures our Group’s long-term success. “

‘At Michelin, we believe that looking outside the group to access skills we don’t have in-house can be a positive and productive approach. That’s why we are developing an ambitious open innovation policy.”

We have an interesting article about the airless tires from Michelin: Airless tire for EV


Website: https://www.michelin.com/