EMotorad To Expand Their Horizons To Europe 

EMotorad, an Indian electric car manufacturer, recently declared plans to expand throughout Europe. The company intends to establish a foothold in major EV markets throughout the world.

EMotorad, an E-Bike startup from India, plans to target five key European countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. The company will first introduce one of its models ‘Doodle’ followed by the launch of a premium and ultra-premium range of e-bikes in the next six months.

Europe: The Hot Bed For EVs

Backed by various data, the company believes that with affluent customers Europe is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for electric vehicles. They expect this environment will allow EMotorad to build E-Bikes for the mass market on a world-class infrastructure that already supports electric vehicles.

“The European market is highly evolved and competitive and furthers our mission to make a name for India in the world of EV. We are confident that an Indian startup can prove its mettle and build confidence in terms of quality. With the learnings from mature markets like Japan, where there is widespread acceptance of e-bikes, we are ready to make a mark in one of the largest markets for e-bikes across the globe,”

-Aditya Oza, Co-founder & CMO EMotorad 

Now let us have a sneak peek at EMotorad’s plans

Always Backed By Data

Being confident in their market research, the company hopes to introduce e-bikes based on diverse terrain and demography in the future. To accelerate growth, the company anticipates a quarter-on-quarter increase in revenue of about 30% to 40%. It intends to begin with three thousand e-bikes in the first few quarters before gradually expanding the product at the same rate.

EMotorad, which was founded in 2020, has already expanded its operations to 82 towns and cities in India and beyond, including Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and Nepal. Over 16,000 e-bikes have been sold in India, with 11,000 exported to overseas markets

Let us look at their models briefly.

Emotorad’s Latest Models

EMotorad has introduced two new E-Bikes, the Lil E and T-Rex+, the former being an electric kick-scooter and the latter a mountain bike. The Lil E is priced at $2,999, while the e-cycle T Rex+ is priced at $4,999. 

These two new models will be added to the existing line of e-cycles, which includes the T-Rex, EMX, and Doodle. According to the company, the Lil E was built by integrating the latest in technology and sustainability, and it is capable of tackling both an elevation and a standard trip due to its range of 15 to 20 kilometres.

Its ultra-folding design is advantageous for people who would otherwise have to rely on public transportation. 

Brimming With Enthusiasm

The T-Rex+ electric mountain bike has been designed to improve balance and comfort. According to the makers, the bike can also handle mountain routes, single tracks, and rugged terrain. 

Kunal Gupta, co-founder, and CEO of EMotorad, indicated that several upgrades were made to the T-Rex bike to develop the T-Rex+ bike. “We have been able to create a very strong base in the Indian market while expanding to other markets, and constantly improving products with feedback from our consumers and conducting market research,” added Gupta.

Founder of EMotorad Rajib Gangopadhyay said globally, the EV space is growing big and the company has plans to expand to further markets, but also wants to create dominance as the current data market grows bigger. “This launch is a platform for us to go out and explore, grow, and improve on the current territories while we explore newer ones. Our target for FY 2023 is to come through the learnings that we have had from mature markets like Japan and implement it in other western markets too,” added Gangopadhyay.”.