How Does All Wheel Drive (AWD) Electric Car work? Advantages and Challenges

AWD Electric Cars

Electric vehicles are considered as the future of transportation. The zero-emission, low noise, green vehicle uses the energy stored in the battery for propulsion. AWD electric cars are not that popular in the automotive market. All-wheel drive conventional vehicles are popular and widely used vehicles.

Electric Vehicles started gaining popularity since major vehicle manufactures declared their plans on electric mobility. Hence electric vehicles expected to have a prominent future in the automotive market.

Research on improvements in the electric vehicle takes place to attract more customers by delivering a quality product.

A single electric motor connected to one set of wheels is widely used electric vehicle configuration. So it powers two wheels of the electric car (either rear or front).

All-wheel drive electric car (AWD electric car) is an electric car in which both front and rear wheels are connected to the electric machine.

AWD Electric Cars

It’s not always necessarily connected to the same motor. There can be more than one motors to drive the vehicle. Sometimes there may be more than one battery also.

In all cases, the vehicle configuration is two axle configuration. The electric car is being driven with two motors connected to four wheels.

Total torque demand of the vehicle would be split among two motors and they drive all four wheels.

One motor drives a pair of front wheels and the second motor drives a pair of rear wheels. There can be four motors connected to all the four-wheel of the electric vehicle. The vehicle control unit controls the power split between the motors to run the vehicle.

Advantages of AWD Electric Car

AWD Electric cars help to save energy at low load. Power split among two motors at optimal way would make the motor run at maximum efficiency region and reduces power loss.

More than one motors enhance the performance of an electric car. The combined action of two motors helps to get a sporty feeling to the drivers. At high torque demands, two motors can work together to propel the vehicle.

Challenges in AWD electric car

The electric car itself is not a matured technology compared to gasoline vehicles. AWD in electric cars needs careful design of vehicle control unit.

Power split among the motors has to be optimally carried out to get the advantages of AWD. Otherwise, it adversely affects battery life and range of the vehicle.

Availability of charging stations would increase the popularity of the electric vehicle. The time required for charging the battery of an electric vehicle is much more compared to the time to fill the fuel in conventional vehicles.

All wheel drive electric car

All-wheel drive electric car is a comparative newcomer in the electric vehicle market.

They can be classified into battery, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

All Wheel Drive Battery Electric Car

A popular AWD battery electric vehicle in the market is Tesla Model S P90D. It does have dual motors and combined power output of 581kW.

In this model car, one motor drives front wheels and other one drives rear wheels.

A complete list of electric cars – All wheel drive electric vehicle, battery electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle are listed here. You can go through the list and find the car suits you.

AWD Hybrid Electric Car

Hybrid Electric Vehicle have different types of configurations

  • Front wheels electric and rear wheels IC engine drive
  • Front wheel IC engine and rear wheels electric drive
  • Combination of IC engine and Electric machine for both front and rear wheels

There are a few all wheel drive hybrid electric vehicle already manufactured.


Electric car research and developments are going on fast in automotive industry.

Main areas that they focus are

  • Battery related research
  • power train efficiency improvement
  • Passenger comfort

All wheel drive electric cars (AWD electric cars) delivered to the market to enhance driver experience and power train efficiency.

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