StoreDot Gets Patent For Self Healing Battery Technology

storedot digital battery

The technology detects defective cells, isolates and fixes them without affecting the EV’s driving experience.

The developments in EV battery technology is happening at a very rapid pace. StoreDot, a renowned start-up in the sector, has now developed a revolutionary technique that can repair an electric vehicle’s battery without affecting the vehicle’s performance. The EV driver may not even be aware that the technology is in place because the vehicle will continue to function normally.

The Revolutionary Concept

Many battery cells make up an electric vehicle’s battery pack. Some cells are prone to underperformance or even overheating while driving.

The newly developed technology consists of a set of software algorithms and hardware, solidifying StoreDot’s position as a pioneer in the advancement of the complete battery ecosystem. The self-repairing technology detects a cell or string of cells that are underperforming or overheating, temporarily deactivating them to proactively recondition them back to full performance without causing the driver any inconvenience or loss of performance in their electric car. 

This improvement of a “self-healing” approach to electric vehicles will help to extend battery life and driving range while also boosting safety by reducing overheating and thermal runaway.

Our approach should be, how this invention should be executed in various EV battery pack circumstances. The technology covers the job while the vehicle is charging, resting, or moving. It is awarded a global patent under the name, ’Recovering defective branches and/or cells of battery packs by deep discharges’.

“This latest patented technology is a unique way of repairing individual cells, or groups of cells, when they are in operation is a novel advancement to self-repairing electric vehicles. This approach is truly transformative with huge real-world benefits for electric vehicle owners, improving performance, safety, and the longevity of their vehicles. It also plays a crucial role in eradicating range anxiety, which remains the main barrier to electric vehicle ownership.”

-StoreDot CEO Dr. Doron Myersdorf

StoreDot’s battery repair technology identifies cells that are underperforming or overheated using software and hardware. These cells are disabled and reconditioned once they’ve been discovered. This could not only benefit the entire future automotive and electric vehicle battery ecosystem, but it could also assist to assuage public fears about battery fires and thermal runaway.

Other Innovations from StoreDot

This self-repairing cell technology is the latest in a long line of StoreDot developments aimed at improving the battery ecosystem as a whole. Patents were recently issued to the company for technology that provides electric vehicles with a continuous range throughout their lives, even as the battery deteriorates. It has also made a ‘booster’ technology available through open-source hardware and software advances that allow cells to accept a larger charging current, allowing for even faster charging times even in circumstances with limited charging infrastructure.

StoreDot’s quick advancement in ultra fast-charging lithium-ion batteries for usage in the automobile industry complements these developments. The company is in advanced talks with major global automakers and is on target to supply large quantities of XFC batteries by 2024, which promises a 50% reduction in charging time for the same price.

The company has a defined technology roadmap, demonstrating that it is actively working on its next-generation XED, extreme energy density solid-state cells, with mass production scheduled for 2028.

For those who aren’t aware, StoreDot is quickly becoming a household brand in the world of battery technology, particularly when it comes to fast charging.

How StoreDot Became The Pioneer

According to the startup, it can cut EV battery charging times by half without increasing costs. StoreDot’s battery technology is tuned for the greatest driver experience with XFC in Li-ion batteries, as well as future energy-density technologies (XED). BP, Daimler, Samsung Ventures, and TDK are among StoreDot’s strategic investors.

In 2019, the business set a world record by displaying a five-minute live full charge of a two-wheeled electric vehicle.

In 2020, the business demonstrated the scalability of its XFC batteries for various industries by fully charging a commercial drone in five minutes for the first time in the world. StoreDot has released engineering samples of its Si dominating anode EV batteries that are made at scale using typical Li-ion manufacturing lines, bringing XFC battery technology from the lab to a commercially viable product for the first time.