Montra Electric Shakes Hands with Exponent Energy to Develop EVs That Charge in 15 Minutes


Montra Electric from Murugappa group will be using Exponet’s e^pack in their Electric 3-wheelers to achieve 100% charge in 15 minutes.

Exponent is a Bangalore-based energy tech company and their flagship product known as the e^pack  will be used in Montra Electric’s line of Electric 3Ws. Montra Electric is the electric section of the Murugappa group with a legacy of 123 years. 

Montra Electric’s Plan For The Future

The collaboration between Montra Electric and Exponent Energy  will allow the E-3Wheelers from Montra Electric to rapidly charge on Exponent’s e^pump charging network in 15 minutes. It is expected that the 3-wheelers will be launched by early 2024.

With Exponent’s 8.8 kWh e^pack, Montra Electric will launch a 3W model that supports quick charging in Exponent’s e^pump charging network and can be normally charged at home. 

Using Exponent’s e^pump charging network, the 3W variant can charge from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes. Even with 100% quick charging, Exponent’s e^pack is covered by a warranty for 3000 cycles. According to the manufacturer, TUV India (TUV Nord Group, Germany) independently verified the battery pack and found just 13% deterioration after 3000 rapid charging cycles. By the beginning of 2024, the company is expected to launch its three-wheeler for cargo movement; the vehicle will focus on the needs of both organisations and private owners.

Now let’s talk a bit about how this is made possible

Exponent Energy’s Super Trio

The rapid charging is achieved by using Exponent Energy’s patented energy stack trio(battery pack e^pack, charging station e^pump, and connecting plug called, e^plug), Exponent Energy has made 15-minute quick charging a reality on the road. 

This trio of battery pack, plug and charger together overcome the problems of lithium plating and intense heat while carrying out a quick charging of 15 minutes. 

The quick charging is made possible by delivering 600A current through the e^pump to the e^pack. Safety and efficiency are guaranteed using the company’s unique BMS & charging algorithms. Also, the company has developed the first “water-based” offboard thermal management system in the world by employing a sophisticated HVAC system in the e^pump to combat excessive heat during the charging cycle and  there is less lithium plating, which extends the life of the e^pack

Moving Forward With Synergy

Montra Electric and Exponent Energy are trying to redefine the electric vehicle landscape of the country by channelling the skills and knowledge of both organisations. 

Montra Electric already has its presence in the south Indian market with around 40 Showrooms and by the end of this Financial Year, they will have swiftly expanded into the remaining regions. The company is also expanding their lineup of E-3 wheelers to address a variety of customer needs.

With more than 30 e^pumps, Exponent has already begun operating commercially in Bengaluru, completing 500,000 km per month cumulatively. Exponent Energy will increase its operations by the end of 2023 in five more cities: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. 

The company plans to have 1,000 electric pumps installed and 25,000 EVs powered by its technology by 2025.

Exponent Energy & Altigreen 

Earlier this year, commercial electric vehicle manufacturer Altigreen introduced the neEV Tez, a brand-new version of its popular three-wheeled freight EV neEV. With an 8.2 kWh e^pack from Exponent Energy. The vehicle offers a city drive range of 85 km and a normal range of 98 KM (ARAI Certified).

Currently, neEV Tez is the quickest charging E-3 wheeler in the world having the ability to charge from 0% to 100% in about 15 minutes at Exponent’s e^pump network.

The electric auto is priced at 3,55,000 rupees and comes with an unheard-of battery guarantee of 5 years/1.56 lakh kilometres and a vehicle warranty of 5 years/one lakh kilometres.

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