BMW CE 04 Definition – Electric Scooter!!

bmw definition ce 04

BMW recently launched their CE 04 Definition scooter as a part of their strategy to dominate the e mobility sector and according to BMW, the model is all about ‘urban life and being connected together. Though the model is not production-ready, we can expect the production model without much change from this concept. 

To keep the public expectation in line with the company’s vision for their scooters, Alexander Buckan, who heads BMW’s Motorrad division, said in a statement,

“A scooter is not a ‘fun bike’ which is taken for a ride in the mountains in fine weather, but a practical everyday vehicle for driving from home to the office or meeting friends in the evening – simply a vehicle for every day in the city,”

The Design and Features

BMW CE04 boasts a futuristic eye-catching design and it is an evolution of the Concept Link, which was released in 2017. Even in this new model, its unique dimensions haven’t altered much. 

BMW Motorrad’s head of vehicle design, Alexander Buckan stated that by replacing the gasoline-burning engine with an electric motor, his team was able to make the CE 04 significantly smaller than the company’s previous scooters. Due to the lack of a gasoline tank, the designers were free to experiment with the scooter’s visual appeal. As a result, the rear portion is slim, with an adjustable floating bench seat that rests low to the ground, providing a comfortable seat height.

Although no official specifications or pricing have been disclosed, a look at the back reveals a single-sided swingarm, cog belt drive, and single-shock suspension. A 10-inch data screen connects to your phone, allowing you to stay connected and informed. The battery pack is housed within the floorboard, resulting in a lower centre of gravity. For a more traditional appearance, the electric motor is placed near the back wheel.

Other Features are,

  • Under the floorboard, it utilizes flat energy packs.
  • A huge 10.25-inch colour display is included with the CE 04.
  • It provides enough room to store a helmet.
  • A cool and flashing set of ride gear that is capable of charging your phone.

BMW’s Electric Two-wheelers

The German auto manufacturer has been working on a variety of battery-powered two-wheeled vehicles. It debuted the “Motorrad Vision DC Roadster” in 2019, an electric motorbike concept that appears as near to road-ready as virtually anything else the company has shown.

The CE 04, on the other hand, is BMW’s very practical C Evolution electric scooter, which was originally introduced in 2014. BMW improved the C Evolution during the previous half-decade to the point where it now has a range of 100 miles per charge and a peak speed of 80 mph. The C Evolution, however, became nothing more than a limited-run testbed for BMW’s Motorrad division’s electric future, with a selling price of roughly $14,000.

BMW, on the other hand, has made it clear that it intends to expand and improve its electric mobility sector. BMW went all out with the Vision Motorrad Next 100 concept bike in 2016, which looked like it was right off of a superhero movie set. BMW also unveiled the Motorrad Concept Link in 2017, which was a futuristic take on the C Evolution.


It is certain that, when BMW chooses to take the CE 04 out of the concept category and into the real world, it will have a really tough competition. There is a range of reasonably priced motor scooters on the market now and more on the way. currently, China’s NIU began selling its electric scooter in the United States. With the debut of numerous new versions, even Segway-Ninebot, the inventor of the electric kick scooter, is getting in on the sector. 

There are several companies and startups already working in the urban mobility sector. many of them provide remarkable solutions at a reasonable price. Revel, an auto rental business that has begun its rental service in a few major cities, uses NIU’s scooters. Thus on a primary level, the success of such a short-distance scooter from BMW is questioned but it’s also worth mentioning that CE04 comes with a BMW badge on the scooter.

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