55 Electric Vehicle Project Ideas that you can do easily

electrical engineering project ideas

Electrical and electronics engineering projects on the electric vehicle are interesting to do and helpful for society. Electrical engineering project ideas that help students, engineers, mechanics, hobby circuit makers, etc. are listed here.

electrical engineering project ideas

You can check the post 100 plus research project ideas on electric vehicles here. In that post, I had written everything in a way to give you an opportunity to think and decide the topic.

In this list of electrical engineering project ideas on the electric vehicle, I list out all the project topics from the posts in GetElectricVehicle.com

I would be really happy if someone finds the list useful 🙂

How I organized the list? This list focus primarily on research projects.

People who are doing Ph.D., MTech, BTech, other EV enthusiasts, professionals, etc. can read and do a project on the listed topics.

Again you have to think on the listed topic and search in IEEE explore for recent advancements of the topic.

This exclusive list of electrical engineering projects would be updated frequently to help you to get the latest ideas from the posts in the blog.

Read detailed posts of electric vehicle projects here.

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Electrical engineering project ideas

  1. Driving cycle development for electric vehicle simulation
  2. Closed loop Electric Vehicle modeling in Matlab
  3. Energy analysis of EVs on different driving cycles
  4. Optimal selection of components of EV from vehicle simulation analysis
  5. Life analysis of electric vehicle
  6. Electric motor performance analysis in EV for different driving cycles
  7. Electric Vehicle battery modeling in Matlab including self-discharge
  8. Performance improved battery modeling for EV simulation
  9. Electric battery life state of health model for EVs
  10. SVPWM speed control of PMSM
  11. Harmonic elimination in SVPWM inverter
  12. Low switching loss SVPWM inverter for Electric Vehicle
  13. Simulation model of induction motor and performance analysis for EV
  14. Efficiency map model for PMSM to use in EV simulation
  15. Efficiency map development for induction motor
  16. Performance analysis on induction motor Matlab model on standard driving cycles
  17. Vehicle control unit modeling for minimal loss operation
  18. Optimal selection of components for EV powertrain from EV simulation
  19. Control strategy to minimize EV energy consumption using ADVISOR
  20. Battery performance analysis in complete vehicle model
  21. SOC of life of battery using complete vehicle model
  22. Electric scooter development
  23. Simulation model of Electric Scooter
  24. Performance analysis of electric scooter with different motors
  25. Component selection for electric scooter from open loop vehicle model
  26. Charging time optimization from real time electric scooter data
  27. Battery performance of electric scooter from field data
  28. Electric scooter energy consumption – field data analysis
  29. Stage by stage energy analysis on open loop electric vehicle model
  30. Component rating from open loop EV model
  31. Vehicle performance on different driving cycle using open loop vehicle model
  32. Energy consumption minimization techniques from open loop vehicle model
  33. Sensitivity analysis of vehicle design parameters
  34. Critical factor of EV design and effects on energy consumption
  35. Factors for optimal vehicle design from open loop simulation
  36. Effectiveness of regenerative braking on electric scooter : analysis and design
  37. Regenerative braking at low speed: effect on driver comfort-simulation analysis
  38. Effect of regenerative braking on life of battery
  39. Development of algorithm for efficient regenerative braking
  40. Supercapacitor integrated battery system for electric vehicle
  41. Design and simulation of regenerative braking using super capacitor battery system
  42. Life and economic analysis of battery with a supercapacitor
  43. Efficiency improvement of regenerative braking using supercapacitor
  44. Bidirectional converter for electric vehicle grid integration
  45. Load leveling algorithm for EV home charging
  46. Peak load shaving using electric car
  47. Economical analysis of load leveling using EV
  48. All wheel drive electric car VCU development
  49. Power split algorithm for multiaxle electric car for minimization of energy consumption
  50. Multi motor electric car : energy minimizatiom algorithm
  51. Multi battery AWD electric vehicle control algorithm and energy calculation
  52. Power system stability anlysis with grid connected electric car
  53. Vehicle to Home for minimization of electricity bill
  54. Algorithm development for electricity bill minimization using controlled charging
  55. Switching loss minimization in grid connected EVs

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electric vehicle research projects

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