Ather 450X Vs Mark 2 – Detailed Comparison

Ather 450x is one of the best electric scooters available in the Indian market. Bengaluru-based company Ather Energy Pvt. Ltd manufactures this electric scooter. They claim that the vehicle is designed for our road and that provides you a certified range of 116 km.

Another Indian electric vehicle startup Simple Energy Pvt. Ltd. Has introduced a premium electric scooter Mark 2 into the market. The claimed range of the vehicle is close to 280 km.

The other features that they projected make it a tight rival to the Ather 450x.

Ather 450X vs Mark 2

The following table shows the comparison of Ather 450X and Simple Energy Mark 2.

Sl. No.SpecificationAther 450xMark 2
1Top Speed80 km/h105 km/h
2Acceleration0-40 km/h in 3.3 s0-50 km/h 3.6s
3Range80 km/charge in eco modeTrue Range is not revealed
4Ideal Range116 km/charge260-280 km/charge in eco mode
5Motor Power6 kW peak3.5 kW
6Battery2.6 kWh Li-ion4.2kWh
7Maximum Torque26 Nm72 Nm
8Price1.59 Lack INR1.10 – 1.20 Lack INR
9Charging Time0-80% in 3 h 35 mins0-80% in 40 min 0-100% in 1 hour 10 mins

The Mark 2 claims a range of 280 km under ideal conditions such as when ridden at 30-35 km/h with no air and surface resistances. The range comparison with Ather 450x doesn’t make much sense because the range test conditions are completely different.

Ather 450X vs Mark 2 [Video]

You may connect your Ather 450x to your mobile phone and monitor the vehicle. The Ather provides you a fast-charging network known as Ather Grid in many cities. They plan to make the cities electric vehicle ready by installing charging stations.

Simple energy Mark 2 is still in the development phase, whereas Ather 450x is readily available in the market.

It has a lease option where you can drive the vehicle unlimited kilometers, without any worries about the insurance, service, etc.

Let’s wait how Mark 2 could be a viable vehicle with all these best specifications, especially battery, for the company. As a user, if we could buy the vehicle with the specs that they released, it would be the best deal.

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